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10 Reasons for Fellows to Give Thanks

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

The Fellows

10. Leftovers

32,000 individuals meet at the Penrose House each year. Many of these groups bring delicious food. We are thankful for the sandwiches, chips, and cookies they cannot finish!

9. Microsoft Office

We are thankful for Bill Gates’ mastery of the mundane. Nametags, mail merges, and label making become a breeze with his programs.

8. Community Involvement

We see the impactful work accomplished by organizations and individuals in the nonprofit community throughout the state. We witness change in cities small and large, and we are thankful for all the individuals making Colorado a better place.

7. Incredible Offices



















The Penrose Family designed a beautiful home, and we are thankful we can appreciate their artwork, artifacts and landscaping on a daily basis. The deer and bears in the area also spice up our trip to work.

6. Support Staff

We are thankful for the individuals who keep El Pomar Foundation and the Penrose House looking beautiful 365 days per year. The Housekeeping, Receptionists, Facilities and Conference Support Staff often work behind the scenes to allow El Pomar Foundation staff to uphold its mission statement.

4. Fellowship Network

20th Fellowship Reunion 2012

Since 1991, 225 individuals have experienced the meaningful and challenging work at El Pomar.  The Fellowship Alumni set an example of leadership in our community, and they support our dreams us as we look to the future.

3. Mentors

The senior staff and trustees of El Pomar Foundation teach us how to thrive. They draw from their expertise and years of experience to mentor us.  We are thankful for their investment in our development as individuals and leaders.

2. Great Company

14 young professionals learning to lead in one place creates an amazing family. We have a strong support system to work through struggles and a team to celebrate our successes. Every day is a joy to come to the office because of our fellow Fellows.

1. Spencer and Julie Penrose

They cared about Colorado Springs and the state of Colorado. They improved our community, and we are thankful for their vision and their legacy.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?



The Fellowship in One Word

Friday, February 10th, 2012

During the 20th Fellowship Reunion, we asked fellows, past and present, to give us one word to describe the El Pomar Foundation Fellowship. The answers varied and gave great insight into how the program has impacted lives for the last 20 years. However, some fellows took longer to answer the question than others…


Fellowship Alumni Spotlight: The Founders of the Pueblo Opportunity Fund

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Brian Brown

Sometimes big dreams can be supported by the smallest groups of citizens. The Pueblo Opportunity Fund, which has been helping people in Pueblo since 2005, began with four El Pomar fellows.


Fellowship Alumni Spotlight: Amy Slothower

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Brian Brown

In 2001, Amy Slothower was doing independent consulting work and was hired to write the business plan for a school. That project brought her face to face with the challenges confronting Colorado K-12 public education, and she hasn’t looked back.


Fellowship Alumni Spotlight: Suzanne Sharp Connors

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Brian Brown

About Suzanne Sharp Connors
In 2000, Suzanne Sharp Connors had just finished an MBA and was looking for a “real” job. While she looked, she took a position helping her father raise funds for nonprofits…and never looked back. Over a decade later, a plethora of nonprofits can say Connors helped them achieve their
missions—through her father’s firm, her own business, and more.


Fellowship Alumni Spotlight: Craig Smith

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Brian Brown

On January 28, El Pomar Fellowship Alumni will gather at Penrose House to help the program celebrate 20 years. In anticipation of this anniversary, for the month of January, each week we will showcase former fellows and answer the question, “Where can the Fellowship take you?”  The inaugural entry is below.

About Craig Smith
ServiceMagic is the nation’s leading website connecting people with  pre-screened, customer-rated service professionals. It operates in four countries and has helped over 20 million homeowners find a professional to meet their home improvement needs. It’s headquartered in Golden, Colorado, and was recently named Colorado Technology Company of the Year.

Its president and CEO was once an El Pomar Fellow.