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10 Reasons for Fellows to Give Thanks

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

The Fellows

10. Leftovers

32,000 individuals meet at the Penrose House each year. Many of these groups bring delicious food. We are thankful for the sandwiches, chips, and cookies they cannot finish!

9. Microsoft Office

We are thankful for Bill Gates’ mastery of the mundane. Nametags, mail merges, and label making become a breeze with his programs.

8. Community Involvement

We see the impactful work accomplished by organizations and individuals in the nonprofit community throughout the state. We witness change in cities small and large, and we are thankful for all the individuals making Colorado a better place.

7. Incredible Offices



















The Penrose Family designed a beautiful home, and we are thankful we can appreciate their artwork, artifacts and landscaping on a daily basis. The deer and bears in the area also spice up our trip to work.

6. Support Staff

We are thankful for the individuals who keep El Pomar Foundation and the Penrose House looking beautiful 365 days per year. The Housekeeping, Receptionists, Facilities and Conference Support Staff often work behind the scenes to allow El Pomar Foundation staff to uphold its mission statement.

4. Fellowship Network

20th Fellowship Reunion 2012

Since 1991, 225 individuals have experienced the meaningful and challenging work at El Pomar.  The Fellowship Alumni set an example of leadership in our community, and they support our dreams us as we look to the future.

3. Mentors

The senior staff and trustees of El Pomar Foundation teach us how to thrive. They draw from their expertise and years of experience to mentor us.  We are thankful for their investment in our development as individuals and leaders.

2. Great Company

14 young professionals learning to lead in one place creates an amazing family. We have a strong support system to work through struggles and a team to celebrate our successes. Every day is a joy to come to the office because of our fellow Fellows.

1. Spencer and Julie Penrose

They cared about Colorado Springs and the state of Colorado. They improved our community, and we are thankful for their vision and their legacy.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?



Identity and History Restored to ‘Portrait of John Sherba’

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


Colin McCarey

Just after the turn of the 20th century, a young man set out walking the 660 miles from Vienna to Rome. After his sore-footed arrival, he spent two weeks moving grapes on the Roman docks before securing passage on the Carpathia, a ship eventually fated to rescue the survivors of the Titantic in 1912 and sink to a German torpedo during World War I. The man’s name was John Sherba, and he was returning to the country of his birth and infancy – the USA. (more…)

Looking East

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Elly Alexander

We live in a mountain state. As a child, I believed west meant “toward the mountain”, and truly trusted the mountain would be there wherever I went until, of course, I went to college in Texas. Colorado kids are quite popular at Texas Universities, because Texans assume all Coloradans have a ski slope in their backyard, little did they know where I actually called home. With mountain backdrops, the foothills line some of the most beautiful and thriving cities in the country. The mountains are the destinations of our tourists, the image on our license plates, and definition of Colorado.


Stories of Impact: The Community Partnership Family Resource Center

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Devanie Helman

“To send a handwritten letter is the best way to speak directly from the heart”

Through handwritten letters, clients of The Community Partnership Family Resource Center (CPFRC) expressed their gratitude for the role the Resource Center has played in improving their lives and the lives of their families. In small communities, it truly does take a village; no one can do their best in isolation, and CPFRC provides the support network individuals in Teller County need to reach their potential. (more…)

Spencer Penrose Belongs on a Wheaties Box

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Beau Kelly

Kerri Walsh Jennings has won three Olympic gold medals, and I got to hold one of them!  The opportunity to meet an Olympian and listen to her speak was incredible, and I have Spencer Penrose to thank for our introduction. Without Mr. Penrose’s love of athletics, the sports community in Colorado Springs today would look very different. (more…)

Stories of Impact: Rural Community Resource Center

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Devanie Helman

For stroke victims, the trajectory of life can change in a matter of seconds. Not only is it personally devastating, but the entire family is impacted and the burden of caring for a loved one can become overwhelming. Carol, a resident of Northeast Colorado, suffered a series of strokes, and the responsibility of caring for her fell on her son while her husband remained employed six days a week at a dairy in Washington County. The intensity and level of care Carol needed was considerable and became too much for her son to manage alone. The stress resulted in the deterioration of his mental health, seriously impacting his ability to care for himself, let alone his mother. He became involved in illegal activities and ultimately ended up in jail. (more…)