Philanthropy…Gone Viral

Over the past three months we have read about the emerging trend of crowdsourced philanthropy. We have seen corporations turn to crowdsourcing as a way to better engage the public in their philanthropic efforts, and have watched as has harnessed the power of celebrity (and technology) for good. But what happens when philanthropy goes viral?

Philanthropy gone viral is exactly what happened as the Internet world watched the heartbreaking video of students harassing bus monitor Karen Klein. In response, “random people on the internet” have opened not just their hearts but their wallets to the tune of $681,000. Last week on Internet news blog Mashable, Matt Petronzio examined viral philanthropy and the ways people are increasingly engaging with charities through social media.

In the article, Petronzio examines a number of campaigns that have utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to raise tens (and sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars. He also looks at some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms available today including Kiva, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo.

“Social media and crowdfunding can change the way that people connect with the causes or passions they believe in,” Slava Rubin, the founder and CEO of Indiegogo, told Petronzio.” I think we’ve moved from a world of transactions to a world of relationships.”

Read more about viral philanthropy on to learn about recent successful Internet philanthropic movements.


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  1. This is a great news clip on how philanthropy and El Pomar specifically can reach out and effect a broader spectrum of people in need. My question is: has El Pomar thought about creating an App for the iPhones or Droid Smart Phones? An app would allow people in the community to be more aware of events El Pomar is hosting or advocating in the local community, RSVP for them, add them to our calenders, have a reminder set and directions given so we can show up on time ;-) An app would also be useful for alerting us when Advisory Councils will be held (or rescheduled), advising of meeting’s topics or speakers, reviewing the minutes, or being able to request yourself or recommend a speaker/topic. The app could also include minutes from other meetings, and provide an more convenient way to donate to the organization or request to become a volunteer and many other ideas. If Philanthropy has gone viral, it would be nice to see one America’s best philanthropic organization driving that train!

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